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Friday, January 18, 2013

3x3Videos for YouTube

The following 3x3Links feature was suggested by @GarethSimpsonPE - If you got an idea for a useful new feature, send a mail to

3x3Links can be used to create a collection of links to useful YouTube videos, grouped in folders by topic.  Gareth wanted to open those videos without leaving 3x3Links, as YouTube can be quite a distraction. A new tweak makes this now possible.

#1 Go to Options -> Tweaks and check the "Open YouTube..." option. Click the Save button.

#2 Add YouTube videos to your 3x3Links page. The default YouTube logo will be displayed in edit mode. In homepage mode however, the default YouTube video preview picture will be displayed along a blue play button on top, hinting that this is a directly playable video .

#3 Click on a video and it will open in a lightbox inside 3x3Links. Please notice that not all videos from YouTube are embeddable. Each video author may decide this on his own.

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