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Monday, January 2, 2012

Emergency Update: Embedded version needs update

I'm sorry.
I just got to know that the recent changes broke the 3x3Links embedded version. A hotfix solved the issue but introduced also a new mobile 3x3Links version which was in the queue.

If you have embedded 3x3Links into your website, please go to 
Options -> Personal Links -> Embedded 
and copy and paste the new source code into your website.

The large amount of 3x3Links changes and bugs is due to a migration to the jQuery Javascript library. Since 3x3Links has so many features (Mobile, Embedded, Chrome Extension, all the tweaks and options), it was not possible for me to test all possible use-cases. 
JQuery a great foundation for future features and improvements in the current functionality.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and your feedback.
Wish you a year full of fun, fast web navigation and less stress!
Federico of 3x3Links.

PS: If you are on Google Plus, please connect to the 3x3Links page and post some ideas for future features.

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