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Sunday, November 6, 2011

3x3Links - Charges under new Google App Engine pricing

3x3Links is now running constantly at $150 per year. If you want  to help me covering this amount, please consider a one-time 3x3Dollar donation.

Bad news.
3x3Links is hosted on the Google App Engine.
The Google App Engine will increase it's prices to a more professional (read: expensive) level.
The hosting costs for 3x3Links will increase from several cents per day to approx. $2 per day, or $700 per year. UPDATE: Hosting costs have peeked at $150 yearly due to the recent redesign.
3x3Links is designed as a free product accepting donations to handle the old, much lower fees (approx. $30 each year).

For trying to keep 3x3Links free, I will apply the following changes:

  • Removing of all not required images
  • Reducing the 3x3Links start page - stopping all promotion for 3x3Links
  • Disabling the logo server for the Speed Dial Folder Android App
  • Optimizations in the code
  • Asking more visible for donations.

Details of the new hosting costs


  1. Thanks for all the work you keep doing for us :)!
    i have been using 3x3links for more than two years and it's fantastic!

  2. Hey, doc. Why don't you host someplace else?


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