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Monday, November 1, 2010

Two years 3x3Links - Bonus features

Here we are now,
2 years,
4,917 pages,
6,981 logos &
116,263 links later. Not bad at all for a hobby, which 3x3Links is for me.

Seven users decided so far to donate $9 to 3x3Links, and they got some bonus features unlocked:
A CSS editor and Private Logos.

Private Logos allow you to upload any image you like to your private logo pool and assign those to any folder or link you like.
CSS is good for altering the Look&Feel of your page: change colors, fonts, effects and size of the dials. No problem with a little bit help of CSS.

99 Logo Challenge
Starting today, there is another possibility to unlock the CSS editor and Private Logos: Help other users by uploading missing logos. Once you uploaded 99 logos and got those approved, the features will be directly unlocked. Go to Options -> Missing Logos to upload all your missing logos, and afterwards globally missing logos.

You are a designer and would like to create a customer 3x3 theme/skin to share? Contact me at info@3x3links and send me a mock-up of your theme idea. You might get an invite to make it real.

Bad news
I will be moving to a new flat this month and will not be able to develop new features. Feel free to send me feature requests. I will collect those and implement to most requested feature next.

Have a nice day,
Federico of 3x3Links

PS: I invite you to post as a comment to this post how long you are using 3x3Links already.

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