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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Break and Offline Copy

First the sad news: I will pause further feature development on 3x3Links for the next two months. There will be only bug fixes if required. You may still suggest features!

One final feature before I go sunbathing: On the bottom of the "Personal Links" page you'll find a link to an offline version of your 3x3Links page. Save this file and you'll receive a single HTML file you can copy wherever you want to: Your USB drive, your intranet server or on your hard drive as a simple backup if 3x3Links should go offline due to the massive traffic spike once Techcrunch decides to write about it. :)

Donors received also another feature, but more on this in the next post.

Friday, June 18, 2010

HTML5 support and recent updates

Starting today, 3x3Links will begin rolling out a neat new HTML5 feature: Local caching. This will result in your 3x3Page loading up to 5-times faster and below 0,4 seconds.
First, only your Homepage Link will support this new feature (former no-sign-required link).

Homepage link example:

I've tested a lot of browsers together with the new feature, but if you still experience any problems, please let me know immediatelly.

Recent updates:
  • Use an URL as background image. This is quite cool for daily changing background images.
  • If you link to a local IP address, localhost or another 3x3Links page, you may upload an own logo for this link without the need for the logo being approved!
  • "No-sign-in-required" link renamed to "Homepage" link, as you should really use this one as your browser homepage when at home.
  • "Personal Link" renamed to what it is: a Vanity URL.
  • Now accepting Donations. If you use 3x3Links daily, you won't regret donating.
In work:
  • Offline Version
  • Own CSS support
  • "New Tab 3x3Links" extension for Chrome.

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    The latest on 3x3Links

    Early this month two popular blogs wrote about 3x3Links: Lifehacker and MakeUseOf. This led to an unplanned load (or stress) test for the whole service. It was pure luck my payed(!) Google App Engine traffic quota was high enough. Traffic jumped from 0.1 page requests per second to more then 16.

    Thanks to all those new users, more then 1000 new logos have been uploaded (and approved by me).

    Now things are back to normal and I'm processing all the user feedback and fixing bugs.

    Localhost and IP address links
    For example I fixed a bug making it not possible to assign logos for http://localhost:80/ or links. To fix the bug, you have to refresh (hit edit and save directly) your relevant links and upload a new logo. This logo will be only visible to you and directly approved. Nice, right?

    What's next?
    I will start accepting one-time donations from happy 3x3Links users. More on this later, but I can already tell that this is related to the need for beta testers: There will be special features reserved for donators...

    Does 3x3Links feel a little slow right now?
    Sorry, but this issue is known and the whole App Engine team is already working on this.

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