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Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to work: A roadmap

As you might know, 3x3Links is developed by one lonely developer, who recently returned from his summer break. For that time, I aligned with my lovely girlfriend that I would not code for 3x3Links to have more time for more important things (like her for example)!

Well, actually I just aligned not to "code for 3x3Links"...

I wisely used some free time to create a tool which would help me to bring order to my current projects and focus on the most important tasks while not loosing track of other ideas floating in my mind.

I invite you, dear 3x3Links users, to take a look at the future development of 3x3Links and to be the first to take a peak look at my new little tool called TaskEater. Inside TaskEater I created a TaskSpace with all tasks related to 3x3Links. I tagged the TaskSpace as #public, so you can view it without signing in.

Using it for about two months, TaskEater completely replaced my post-it notes and other to-do lists. I have TaskSpaces for my regular job, 3x3Links and even TaskEater itself.

But back to 3x3Links: I need only to add one more feature to TaskEater, design two websites for a customer and I'm back working on the next 3x3Links feature. Expect it to arrive in a month.

PS: A new version of SDF is on it's way, but you probably already saw this on the roadmap...

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