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Friday, April 2, 2010

Mod your 3x3Links Page

Nearly any great game is featuring a way to modify it to either enhance it, or to create something completely new. We like this idea, and as users asked us about making small (or larger) modifications on the 3x3Links Speed Dial page, we often try to make this possible.

Today we announce several new modifications, available on the Options » Personalize page inside the Tweaks block.

#1 Minimisation:
This is a 3x3Links page with hidden captions, nav links and tabs.

#2 Navigation:
This 3x3Links page uses the additional left-side tab bar. This does work best if your first level is full of folders and you like the traditional 2-click approach to navigate your favorites.

3# Swipe (Experimental)
Made just for fun, touch-screens and Chrome browsers. You have to be also fast to use this input modification: As soon as you clicked your first folder, keep your mouse button pressed and move directly to the link or folder you like to open next. It will open automatically once you hover with your mouse over it for half a second. You can test it here.

Have fun with the new possibilities and let us know how you like it.

PS: Next feature on our list: Selectable folder icons.

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