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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3x3Links for Android: Speed Dial Folder

After using my Android handset for more than half a year, I was experiencing several problems:

  • A lot of apps crowded my home screen. I could barely see my background image.
  • My mobile started behaving more ofter very slow or got completely stuck, so the home screen had to reload.
  • Finding an app not on my home screen via the Launcher Dock took really long. It was just not cool searching for an app to show off!
Also, I had a lot of small apps installed, which I did not use very often, but which I considered as must-haves, e.g. Shazam, Ultrachron or cgSpeedo. Already used to 3x3Links browsing the internet, I wished to have something similar for my handset. The idea for 3x3Links for Android was born and I'm proud to announce, that today the 3x3Links app is available in the Android Market under the name "Speed Dial Folder". 
Why the name change? I believe the name "Speed Dial Folder" can better describe the use case for this app than the name 3x3Links and also it is easier to type on the on-screen keyboard. :)

Learn more about Speed Dial Folder at our dedicated page and search for "Speed Dial Folder" on the Android Market to download it.

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