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Monday, November 1, 2010

Two years 3x3Links - Bonus features

Here we are now,
2 years,
4,917 pages,
6,981 logos &
116,263 links later. Not bad at all for a hobby, which 3x3Links is for me.

Seven users decided so far to donate $9 to 3x3Links, and they got some bonus features unlocked:
A CSS editor and Private Logos.

Private Logos allow you to upload any image you like to your private logo pool and assign those to any folder or link you like.
CSS is good for altering the Look&Feel of your page: change colors, fonts, effects and size of the dials. No problem with a little bit help of CSS.

99 Logo Challenge
Starting today, there is another possibility to unlock the CSS editor and Private Logos: Help other users by uploading missing logos. Once you uploaded 99 logos and got those approved, the features will be directly unlocked. Go to Options -> Missing Logos to upload all your missing logos, and afterwards globally missing logos.

You are a designer and would like to create a customer 3x3 theme/skin to share? Contact me at info@3x3links and send me a mock-up of your theme idea. You might get an invite to make it real.

Bad news
I will be moving to a new flat this month and will not be able to develop new features. Feel free to send me feature requests. I will collect those and implement to most requested feature next.

Have a nice day,
Federico of 3x3Links

PS: I invite you to post as a comment to this post how long you are using 3x3Links already.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Collaboration: Invite a guest to edit your 3x3Page

Example: Sharing a 3x3Page with your department

You have created a 3x3Page with the most important web-links for your daily work. You share the page with your colleagues and they do really find it helpful, but they also would like to add their web-links. No problem anymore!
  1. Select any of your 3x3Pages
  2. Go to Options » CollaborationNew!
  3. Enter the E-Mail addresses of your colleagues
  4. Save changes
Your colleagues will now see your page in their "My Pages" menu in the upper left of the page. 
It is possible for them to edit, create and delete links and folders. The options menu is not available while working with a shared 3x3Links page. Only the owner may edit the options of a shared page.

Changes made by guests will be displayed in the Collaboration menu as a brief change history. 

As always, I'm open for feedback how to improve this feature further. Send me use-cases along your ideas via the contact form or as comment below. This feature was originally suggested by the New York City Department of Education.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to work: A roadmap

As you might know, 3x3Links is developed by one lonely developer, who recently returned from his summer break. For that time, I aligned with my lovely girlfriend that I would not code for 3x3Links to have more time for more important things (like her for example)!

Well, actually I just aligned not to "code for 3x3Links"...

I wisely used some free time to create a tool which would help me to bring order to my current projects and focus on the most important tasks while not loosing track of other ideas floating in my mind.

I invite you, dear 3x3Links users, to take a look at the future development of 3x3Links and to be the first to take a peak look at my new little tool called TaskEater. Inside TaskEater I created a TaskSpace with all tasks related to 3x3Links. I tagged the TaskSpace as #public, so you can view it without signing in.

Using it for about two months, TaskEater completely replaced my post-it notes and other to-do lists. I have TaskSpaces for my regular job, 3x3Links and even TaskEater itself.

But back to 3x3Links: I need only to add one more feature to TaskEater, design two websites for a customer and I'm back working on the next 3x3Links feature. Expect it to arrive in a month.

PS: A new version of SDF is on it's way, but you probably already saw this on the roadmap...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Break and Offline Copy

First the sad news: I will pause further feature development on 3x3Links for the next two months. There will be only bug fixes if required. You may still suggest features!

One final feature before I go sunbathing: On the bottom of the "Personal Links" page you'll find a link to an offline version of your 3x3Links page. Save this file and you'll receive a single HTML file you can copy wherever you want to: Your USB drive, your intranet server or on your hard drive as a simple backup if 3x3Links should go offline due to the massive traffic spike once Techcrunch decides to write about it. :)

Donors received also another feature, but more on this in the next post.

Friday, June 18, 2010

HTML5 support and recent updates

Starting today, 3x3Links will begin rolling out a neat new HTML5 feature: Local caching. This will result in your 3x3Page loading up to 5-times faster and below 0,4 seconds.
First, only your Homepage Link will support this new feature (former no-sign-required link).

Homepage link example:

I've tested a lot of browsers together with the new feature, but if you still experience any problems, please let me know immediatelly.

Recent updates:
  • Use an URL as background image. This is quite cool for daily changing background images.
  • If you link to a local IP address, localhost or another 3x3Links page, you may upload an own logo for this link without the need for the logo being approved!
  • "No-sign-in-required" link renamed to "Homepage" link, as you should really use this one as your browser homepage when at home.
  • "Personal Link" renamed to what it is: a Vanity URL.
  • Now accepting Donations. If you use 3x3Links daily, you won't regret donating.
In work:
  • Offline Version
  • Own CSS support
  • "New Tab 3x3Links" extension for Chrome.

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    The latest on 3x3Links

    Early this month two popular blogs wrote about 3x3Links: Lifehacker and MakeUseOf. This led to an unplanned load (or stress) test for the whole service. It was pure luck my payed(!) Google App Engine traffic quota was high enough. Traffic jumped from 0.1 page requests per second to more then 16.

    Thanks to all those new users, more then 1000 new logos have been uploaded (and approved by me).

    Now things are back to normal and I'm processing all the user feedback and fixing bugs.

    Localhost and IP address links
    For example I fixed a bug making it not possible to assign logos for http://localhost:80/ or links. To fix the bug, you have to refresh (hit edit and save directly) your relevant links and upload a new logo. This logo will be only visible to you and directly approved. Nice, right?

    What's next?
    I will start accepting one-time donations from happy 3x3Links users. More on this later, but I can already tell that this is related to the need for beta testers: There will be special features reserved for donators...

    Does 3x3Links feel a little slow right now?
    Sorry, but this issue is known and the whole App Engine team is already working on this.

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Refactoring and redesigning 3x3Links

    In this post I would like to share my vision of the upcoming 3x3Links changes with you. Most of the changes will be unnoticed. First, the 3x3Link source HTML files will consolidated allowing easier editing of the 3x3Links look&feel. This is called a "code refactoring" - changing code without effects to the user interface.

    Next, the user interface will be redesigned. Here are some of my ideas.

    1# Options 
    • new left sidebar navigation
    • some of the current option pages will be split into multiple parts
    • each new option page will only have as many options as fit the the page without scrolling

    2# Logo handling
    • the current Logo Central will disappear for users - it is slow and complicated
    • you will be able to directly jump from the customizing screen into logo selection or suggesting and back to editing

    3# Other changes
    • You will be able to jump between 3x3Pages using a drop-down menu - the current "My Pages" choosing screen will disappear
    • Pages will be divided into standard pages displaying all internal links and dialog pages, allowing you only to change something, accepting the change or to go back to the previews page.
    I invite you, dear 3x3Links users and blog readers, to participate in this changes in the comment section below.

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Mod your 3x3Links Page

    Nearly any great game is featuring a way to modify it to either enhance it, or to create something completely new. We like this idea, and as users asked us about making small (or larger) modifications on the 3x3Links Speed Dial page, we often try to make this possible.

    Today we announce several new modifications, available on the Options » Personalize page inside the Tweaks block.

    #1 Minimisation:
    This is a 3x3Links page with hidden captions, nav links and tabs.

    #2 Navigation:
    This 3x3Links page uses the additional left-side tab bar. This does work best if your first level is full of folders and you like the traditional 2-click approach to navigate your favorites.

    3# Swipe (Experimental)
    Made just for fun, touch-screens and Chrome browsers. You have to be also fast to use this input modification: As soon as you clicked your first folder, keep your mouse button pressed and move directly to the link or folder you like to open next. It will open automatically once you hover with your mouse over it for half a second. You can test it here.

    Have fun with the new possibilities and let us know how you like it.

    PS: Next feature on our list: Selectable folder icons.

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    3x3Links for Android: Speed Dial Folder

    After using my Android handset for more than half a year, I was experiencing several problems:

    • A lot of apps crowded my home screen. I could barely see my background image.
    • My mobile started behaving more ofter very slow or got completely stuck, so the home screen had to reload.
    • Finding an app not on my home screen via the Launcher Dock took really long. It was just not cool searching for an app to show off!
    Also, I had a lot of small apps installed, which I did not use very often, but which I considered as must-haves, e.g. Shazam, Ultrachron or cgSpeedo. Already used to 3x3Links browsing the internet, I wished to have something similar for my handset. The idea for 3x3Links for Android was born and I'm proud to announce, that today the 3x3Links app is available in the Android Market under the name "Speed Dial Folder". 
    Why the name change? I believe the name "Speed Dial Folder" can better describe the use case for this app than the name 3x3Links and also it is easier to type on the on-screen keyboard. :)

    Learn more about Speed Dial Folder at our dedicated page and search for "Speed Dial Folder" on the Android Market to download it.

    Oh, did I mentioned it's free?

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Logo Suggestions

    We at 3x3 believe that using logos for your favorite links is much cooler than using website thumbshots. Therefor we integrated Google Image Search to help you finding the original website logos easier.

    Inside the Logo Central, click on Show Suggestions:

    Suggestions will load in form of logo thumbnails. Click on the appropriate logo to take over the location into the URL field. Hit Upload, to complete the transaction.

    PS: Kudos for the_roggy for his feedback and the resulting motivation to create this feature.

    Act now!

    Try the Demo Read the FAQ Sign Up (Yes, it's free. This is Web 2.0!)

    No registration needed!

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    Use your Google Account.

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