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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Three new Features: Background color, Owner and Subtitles

#1 Change the background color of your 3x3Page
Go to Options - Personal Link. Beside uploading and positioning a background image, you can now also choose a background color, either via a color picker (by jscolor), or by typing the color code.

#2 Show who created this public 3x3Page
As a new commercial 3x3Page feature, you are now able to define the creator of the 3x3Page by his name, website and a website title. Those information are used to build a hyperlink.
Commercial pages are intended to be shared with a global audiance, not only a restricted circle.

#3 Describe your links

Go to Customize - List View. Inside your link table, a new field is available called subtitle. If available, a subtitle is displayed when stopping your mouse over a link.
In addition, a real 'subtitle' is displayed on the bottom of your Commercial 3x3Page when moving your mouse over a link (see below).

How you could use all this nice little features (Live Demo):

More features to come!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3x3Links hits Japan! Should we localize 3x3Links?

I'm so happy about 3x3Links being noticed in Japan:

The Japanese Webmarketing Blog wrote a very detailed article about 3x3Links with a lot of images, even from 3x3 running on a Android phone (I used Google Translate to read it).

Also I notices already Germany, Italian and Polish blogs writing about 3x3Links and now even Japan!

The question is: Does 3x3 need localization? Should we focus on creating German, Polish and Japanese translations of 3x3Links or continue introducing new enhancements? Any volunteers for translating 3x3? :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

What is 3x3Links about?

Joel Spolsky asked on his Blog: "What is your company about?", and successfully answered this question for his company, Fog Creek Software. Motivated by this, we tried to answer the same question for 3x3Links:

3x3Links: We help users to organize their favorite websites and to access those lightning fast on any computer.

Lets dismantle this statement to verify it's fitting:

"organize": You can group your favorites into folders based on the topic or related activity, e.g. Shopping, Entertainment or Socializing.

"lightning fast": #1 The 3x3 page design is quite minimal and we have some cruel rules to keep the overall performance fast, e.g. website logos must be smaller than 5kb and all users share the same logos. Still, we feel there is some space left for improvement in the future.
#2 We have a unique keyboard shortcut key concept allowing you access up to 729 of your favorite links in under one second.

"any computer": 3x3 is web-based and can be accessed from every computer either using your personal key (for safe locations) or your personal url (for unsafe locations) without the need to sign in.

Do you think we managed it to describe 3x3Links correctly?

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