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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3x3Links Media Coverage and Future Plans

Who is talking about 3x3Links?

The Swiss Blog describes the 3x3Links navigation concept as "simple, but ingenious" and highlights the "neck breaking" fast ability to access your links (Translated from German). I'm feeling proud reading this.
Read the full article (in German language) writer Kimberly White suggests to use a 3x3Links Page as your personal "Online wedding planning organizer". Using 3x3Links for helping organizing an event also refers to a feature some of you might be missing: The ability to create multiple 3x3Pages per account for different purposes. I'm glad to announce, that this is one of the next features to be implemented.
Read the full article

How is 3x3Links doing so far?

Thanks for asking. Not bad at all. As of now, 3x3Links serves around 600 startpages daily and has more then 70 active users. Currently I'm running a little AdWords compaign to spread the word and to reach my self-given goal for this year: 1000 daily uses.

Reminder: 3x3 will become 1 year old on November, 1st.

1 comment:

  1. Ah. I wrote about this because I love 3X3 Links so much! I cannot get along without it. I organize all of my online projects this way. And I can even make it pretty and share my page with friends. So nice!


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