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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Table View

Imagine you want to create a new folder at your 3x3Links page, called "Socialize". You click on the Customize link and start adding links inside the 3x3 Grid. You will need a lot of Clicks to create all nine links.

A 3x3 User had the same problem and wrote me an E-Mail asking for some kind of "Batch Create" for Links. Here is the result:

The Links Table View allows you to change all nine links of a level at once and to save all changes with one click. You save a lot of clicks when filling a new folder. For reorganizing links you still have to use the default Grid View.

But this is not all.

Recently my friend Kim wrote an article about using 3x3Links as your business intranet start page. There, she recommends first to organize all your important links inside a spreadsheet and to group those by categories. At your 3x3Page, you can then create a folder for each category and put the related links inside. Wouldn't it be great then, to simply use copy-and-paste to import your spreadsheet data into 3x3Links? Jep.

To do so, go to Customize -> List View and click on Import data from Spreadsheet at the bottom of the page. A data paste field appears including brief instructions.


1 comment:

  1. This is fantastic! I use 3x3Links to organize my writing, keyword research, and sites to promote my articles. I've been recommending this to my fellow writers, and here is yet another great reason to do so. Thanks!


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