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Monday, July 27, 2009

3x3Links Mobile Version

Until now, 3x3Links was designed for PC-use only. This is going to change.

Since I recently managed it to acquire an android phone, the need for a mobile version of the 3x3Links personal page dramatically increased. And here it is:

Accessing your personal 3x3 Page with a mobile browser will now display a special Mobile Style Sheet. This works as of now for your personal 3x3Links web address (e.g. and the 3x3Links 'No Sign-In required' Link ([personal_string])

Since I got no access to a variaty of mobile devices, it is now up to you to improve 3x3Links Mobile on your phone:
  1. Open 3x3Links on your mobile.
  2. Is the mobile style properly displayed?
  3. Does the Javascript engine work properly?
If you experience any problems, please post a screenshot here, or contact me via the 3x3Links contact form (Options -> Contact).

Feel also free to post your experience with the mobile version and suggestions to enhance the 3x3 Mobile experience.

Thanks a lot.

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