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Saturday, June 6, 2009

3x3Links leaves BETA stage

I'm exited to announce 3x3Links finally leaves it's logo-less BETA stage:

It finally became a grown-up service including a blog, you are just reading, a twitter account (@3x3links) and a GetStatisfaction page for your feedback.

There is even an undocumented feature you might stumble upon. If you discover it, drop me a comment. The first poster fully describes the feature will receive a small gift:
The book Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki (or a similar one if you already got it). It gave me tons of tips I followed creating 3x3Links.

Since 3x3Links 1.0 can be considered as finished, I will increase spending my time on a sister project while collecting user feedback to determine which features to add next to 3x3Links.

Keep you updated.

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